Picking Out a Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkin Patch Sale

Join us the first two weekends of October to witness over 2,000 blown glass pumpkins overtake the front lawn of our store. We spend a large portion of our off season working in the hot shop to create a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes that make for a unique fall experience. From season to season, we brainstorm new colors and combinations so that every visit during the Pumpkin Sale is different and everyone can find the pumpkin, or pumpkins, that are just right for them! Whether you are a seasoned customer or this is your first Glass Orchard event, we are excited to have you and appreciate your support! Picking Glass Pumpkins

Mark your calendars! The Pumpkin Sale weekends for the 2023 season are as follows:

Asssorted Glass Pumpkins for SaleDisclaimer: The Saturday of the first Pumpkin Sale weekend is historically very busy! We usually have a line formed outside our gates long before we open. We put out more pumpkins the first weekend than we do the second due to the large volume of people that typically come out right away. We try to hold back a number of pumpkins for the second weekend, but we cannot ensure that any certain type, color, or price of pumpkin will remain.

Glass Snowmen and Trees

Holiday Glass and Gifts

Get into the holiday spirit at our Holiday Glass and Gifts Sale in November. This sale features blown glass snowpeople, trees, and ornaments with a range of colors and sizes. In addition to our blown glass items, stop in to pick up all of your gifts for the holidays with products made by other local artisans and makers. An extra special part of this event is Ornaments in the Orchard! Come witness hundreds of handmade blown ornaments hung up in our orchard. Walk among the enchanting trees to pick out your favorite one - get there early as they get “picked” quickly! Holiday Glass Items for Sale

The 2023 Holiday Glass and Gifts sale is:

We hope to see you here!

Disclaimer: On Saturday it has been historically very busy! We usually have a line formed outside our gates long before we open. Everything is first come first serve. We create a variety of different pieces in the hope that you can find the perfect fit for you, but we cannot ensure that any certain shape, size, color, or price will remain.

A beautiful glass orchard with ornaments hung in the apple trees P.S. Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday on November 26th! We have lots of goodies and special activities then as well!

Blown Glass Ornament in Apple Tree