Hot Shop Our hot glass facility is located on the property and includes state-of-the-art glass blowing equipment, including a furnace, reheating unit, annealers, and lots of other equipment necessary when working glass at 2100º. Included in this facility is our coldshop where we are able to finish our pieces to completion with equipment such as a lap grinder, belt sander, wet saw, drill press, and many more. Check out the pieces fabricated in this shop by visiting our retail store and swing by during a demonstration to see our artists and equipment in action!


Kilnshop Located inside our retail store building, the kilnshop is fully equipped with two large kilns, glass cutting tools, molds, and tons of colored glass that allow us to teach glass fusing classes as well as create fused product for the store. Our kilns run non-stop during the season to keep up with your artwork and ours, reaching a temperature of 1480º and running for periods of 16 hours. To learn more about the fusing process, click on the link below to sign up for a glass fusing class. We have a variety of different projects to choose from and we you’ll find one you are interested in!

We offer hands on learning experiences for all ages. Get more information about Registering for Classes or scheduling a private activity for your group below.

FREE Hot Glass Demonstrations – See first hand how some of the pieces were created that you will find in the shop.